Monday, May 20, 2019

Minutes for YHHA board meeting on 5/8/19

Minutes for YHHA board meeting at the Lupton house 5/8/19 7 PM
attended by Fred, Randy and Steve, regrets from Julie and Sanjeev

following are the minutes:

  1. Confirmed with gun club for May 22 we are less than two weeks out so we need to get email out from Sanjiv and signposted with Gary Ward. Randy to contact Gary to get the sign out. As a follow-up the sign was posted on 5/11/19
  2. Jean and Gary Ward wish to install a gazebo it is a purchased item from Costco. They had sent us the link and the location as to where it will be placed on the concrete patio on the west side of the house. Basically, it is not very visible from the street or other neighbors. The board decided that this is a temporary structure and not really covered by the confidences and therefore we feel it is okay.

  3. Cody Rocky at 5911 Sherwood Dr. since the board to page plans showing a new two-car garage with a restroom and party room on the back at a 90° angle to their house along with a new pool and fence in ground. We discussed setbacks of the garage and addition to the driveway. It looks to meet all the requirements and therefore was approved by the board. Fred Lupton sent follow-up email.

  4. Agenda for May 22 meeting
    1. Welcome
    2. Finances
    3. roads and results of the town hall meeting on May 16 at the stony Creek Road home of the York Township board.
    4. Entrance sign conditions
                                                               i.      we got a $1000 quote from Jim Budney landscaping
                                                             ii.      we wish to get a second quote maybe from nature’s garden center
    1. real estate update from Julie Picknell
    2. General discussions

  1. Roads meeting will be held at the York Township on the 16th Steve and Julie and maybe Fred will try to attend.
Meeting ended at 7:45 PM. We wish to try to have another meeting before the 22nd maybe on Monday the 20th.

Annual Meeting on May 22 2019

This message is for all residents of Yorkshire Hills.
Hello Neighbors,
Your homeowners’ association board would like to invite you to our annual meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 22 at 7 PM at the Tri-County Sportsman’s League 8640 Moon Rd, Saline, MI 48176. The meeting will be at the lower floor meeting room. 
The agenda is to include:
  1. Introductions and Welcome
  2. Discussion of Finances of the YHHA Association
  3. Discussion of roads and results of the upcoming town hall meeting on May 16 of the York Township board.
  4. Discussion of the condition of the Entrance Sign and quotes for update and maintenance of the sign.
  5. Real estate update from Julie Picknell
  6. General Discussions

Please join us for the annual meeting of Yorkshire Hills Homeowner's Association at 7 PM on May 22 at the Tri-County Sportsman’s League lower floor meeting room.

Thank You.

Fred Lupton
YHHA President

Randy Dence
YHHA Treasurer

Sanjeev Kumar
YHHA Board Member

Steve Homan
YHHA Board Member

Julie Picknell
YHHA Board Member

Monday, May 29, 2017

Yorkshire Hills Association Annual meeting June 14, 2017

Hello neighbors,

Your homeowners’ association board would like to invite you to our annual meeting scheduled for Wednesday, June 14 at 7 PM at the Tri-County sportsman’s league on Moon road.

The agenda is to include
      1. a review of 2016 financials
      2. the election of new board members
       3. a vote to approve version 1 bylaws
       4. discussion of expenditure proposals for the budget
We will attempt to do absentee ballots for board members and bylaw proposals.
Please review information on the bylaws posted on our website

The link to the bylaws is on the right hand column of the webpage in previous board meeting minutes are available here as well.

Please join us for our annual meeting 7 PM June 14 at the gun club on Moon Road.
Fred Lupton
YHHA President
Bylaws link here

Sunday, April 23, 2017

YHHA Planning Association mtg in May 2017 & looking for new board members

Hello Neighbors,
We are looking for new board members to run for a 2 year term on YHHA Board from June 2017.  We are also looking to have a meeting soon to approve financials and new Bylaws.  Please review the documents in the sidebars on this blog.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

All Association Meeting Agenda July 13 7pm at Tri County Sportsmen's League

Next association meeting with be July 13 7pm at
Tri County Sportsmen's League
8640 Moon Rd, Saline, MI 48176

Proposed All Association Meeting Agenda

1.    Introductions

2.    Financials

3.    Bylaws vote with some discussion but we will not read through all of them.
              Please review on this page ===> under meeting Info

4.    Budget proposals discussions and discretionary spending approvals or request to continue to investigate.
See mailbox proposal via link on right side of page along with by-laws.

5.    Subcommittee volunteers?  Welcome committee and social committees.

6.    Other

We will try to be done by 9pm.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Yorkshire Hills Board Mtg Minutes 6/8/16

Yorkshire Hills Board Mtg Minutes

Date: 6/8/16 7:15pm at Lupton House

Attended: G. Ward, R. Dence, F. W. Lupton, absent M. Newton, late(8:15) Steve Homan

Minutes by F. Lupton

  1. Updates
    1. Must postpone planned all association mtg for next week due to us not being ready.
    2. FWL got letter from Randy for dues mail on 5/24 but has not had time to send it due to graduation activities. We made edits including due date and corrections.
    3. Sandwich board is finished by Gary Ward ($40)
    4. Flowers on sign are done by Jean Ward but she has not invoiced yet.
    5. Insurance change will happen in July
    6. FWL not added to bank accounts yet. (need FWL at bank)
  2. Taxes: We have 2 choices for filing: full form for 501c very complex and detailed (expensive) or form 1120H for homeowners assn but it is very restrictive for income sources (we are ok) and expenditures (social not ok over 10% of total expenditures).  We decided for 1120H for March 2017.
  3. Discuss by laws again hopefully with final edits.
  4. Budget discussions:
    1. Income: we discussed number of paying units and that we have no documentation on agreements made from long ago on signage care.
    2. Expenditures: 

                                          i.    Fixed and standard items are well documented and not too much.

                                        ii.    Discretionary items need approval and we need some proposals.

1.    Lights on signage. This has been around forever and we still want to discuss with entrance owner and figure out a way.

a.    Details: how to hook up to house, easements needed (legal work). Payment for expenses. Mary Newton was to look into this.

2.    Utility box landscaping proposal. This is a new idea and has lots of legs so we need to consider how. Basic idea is to offer homeowner’s 2-3 options for simple landscaping around the utility boxes in their yard.  We would need a release form to be signed. Maybe this would cost $300 per home?  We could do 10 a year. This would be for general beatification. We have not had any luck asking utilities to maintain repaint relevel or repair current boxes.

3.    New Mailboxes Proposal.  FWL suggests a program to offer new original neighborhood style mailboxes to 10-15 randomly selected homes. Each could accept or reject but is asked to contribute around 10-15%.  We could do for 7-8 years until everyone has been offered.  Mailboxes are homeowner’s property and we would need a release form to be signed. This would be for general beatification.

4.    We discussed road repairs but this is well beyond our $40 dues.

                                       iii.    We need more detailed proposal for the all association meeting

  1. New meeting date July 13 7pm at gun club. FWL to contact Gerald Chie.
  2. FWL to do billing email this weekend.  Steve will do the mailings to those who need it FWL to send him the list. FWL to do mailboxes budget proposal.
  3. Randy to do overall budget proposal. We need annual mtg agenda and post on website. We discussed process for voting but again we don’t need unless split vote.
  4. Adjourn meeting 8:50. 

 After meeting: FWL proposed All Association meeting Agenda July 13 Gun club 7pm

1.    Introductions

2.    Financials

3.    Bylaws vote with some discussion but we will not read through all of them.

4.    Budget proposals discussions and discretionary spending approvals or request to continue to investigate.

5.    Subcommittee volunteers?  Welcome committee and social committees.

6.    Other

Fred W. Lupton

Treasurer’s Report April 25, 2016

Treasurer’s Report    By Randy Dence Monday, April 25, 2016 

At the November 18, 2015 Yorkshire Hills Homeowners Association (YHHA) meeting Randy Dence was elected to replace Clarke Macy as Treasurer. The role of the Treasurer is to be the custodian of the funds and the financial records for YHHA. The Treasurer will be responsible for coordinating the development of the proposed annual budget and for preparing and giving the annual financial report on the financial status of the association. The treasurer will ultimately be responsible for insuring that the financial records of the association have been maintained properly in accordance with sound accounting practices.

YHHA is a tax-exempt organization as described in Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 501(c)(4). To be so described by the IRC, a homeowners association must primarily serve the community rather than the private interest of its members. 

The members of the YHHA board of directors and each officer of the Association have a fiduciary relationship with the members of the Association. This fiduciary relationship requires the members of the board to act in good faith and in the best interests of the members of the Association. It means that board members must exercise due care and diligence when acting for the community, and it requires them to act within the scope of their authority.

Financial Review

1. YHHA Insurance Policy 

The current policy is with Kemner-Iott agency in Adrian, MI. The insurance carrier is Auto-Owners Insurance. The Association has used them for our insurance for at least 10 years. In 2006, the cost of the policy was $868 and it has since risen to $1,129. I have been informed by the agency to expect another increase in July when the policy is to renew.  

The policy is twice the price of competing insurance carriers and includes unnecessary coverage (equipment breakdown coverage) and premium adjustment (upcharges with no coverage).

The Treasurer has procured two suitable bids from Nationwide and State Farm Insurance at less than $650 per year. The Nationwide insurance proposal provides twice the liability and Directors and Officers coverage ($2 Million). The Nationwide proposal will also cover our entire bank balance for employee fidelity…employee theft is not covered currently with Auto Owners. 


Move our insurance to Nationwide (on renewal) – opt for $1Million coverage plus the employee dishonesty at a total yearly cost of $550. This would save the Association over $600/year. 

  • The Insurance Policy Quote will be submitted for the minutes when available.    

2. General Accounting Review 

My review found several areas to improve the fiscal policies and record keeping of the Association. Additionally, we have forfeited our non-profit corporate status for neglecting to file the required annual Reports and Fees with the State of Michigan. 

> The Letter from the State of Michigan has been included for the minutes. 

 Treasurer’s Recommendations: 

> Develop a workable budget, keeping in mind the needs, requirements and expectations of the community. 

> Consolidate accounts for simplified reporting and record keeping. 

> Completed. Savings Account was Closed and all Funds transferred to the Associations’ Checking Account. 

> Increase efforts to collect delinquent assessments. Publicize and enforce rules and penalties.

> Authorize legal action (Lien) against owners who do not comply with the rules. 

> Determine proper assessment – in line with covenants and budgeted projects. 

> Appoint (Social /Gardening/Welcoming) committees and delegate authority to them for non-board related activities.      

> Select an attorney to the Association Board if possible. 

> Inform Association members of board decisions and transactions. Provide more transparency and accuracy in communications.  

3. Financial Status 

TCF Savings  ***7461                     Amount                               Balance

12/31/15                                               $.14                                       $ 3,091.61  

3/28/16                                                ($ 3091.61)                          $       0.00 

3/31/16                                                $.07                                        $       0.07

4/21/16                                  Acct. Closed --------------  

TCF Checking   ***9156                 Amount                               Balance

12/17/15                                                                                              $ 21,634.56  

12/18/16                                              ($ 2.00)                                 $ 21,632.56 

12/31/16                                              Deposit        $ 240.00        $ 21.872.56

1/18/16                                                ($ 2.00)                                 $ 21.870.56

3/9/16                                                   Deposit  $80.00                 $ 21,950.56

3/16/16                                                ($ 2.00)                                 $ 21,948.56

3/28/16                                                Transfer  $ 3,091.61         $ 25,040.17

A copy of the most recent TCF checking account has been submitted.  

Randy Dence, Treasurer YHHA